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Hosted PBX Solutions Provider

Synergy IT Pro delivers an blended hosted PBX solution that includes cloud technology, to deliver the finest high definition voice and data services. Advanced calling features all over business locations, collaboration tools, and mobility contact center functions are other incredible features of our services.

Synergy IT Pro offers Hosted PBX Service over Tier 1 XO National Network, to seamlessly transfer your PBX functionality onto a cloud server. We offer live voice quality monitoring services, built-in redundancy, and other benefits of Hosted PBX.

Our Hosted PBX Services will alleviate your operational and capital costs of managing and upgrading expensive systems and software.

Why Synergy IT Pro Hosted PBX Solutions?

Robust & Unified Management
Maintain a smooth and continuous communication flow of service with adding numbers, accessing logs, listing to voicemails, and modifying call settings.

CRM Integration
The ability of Hosted PBX to integrate seamlessly with existing CRM, SalesForce, Zendesk, and other platforms makes it a convenient choice.

Whitelisting API
You can connect NDNC numbers legally while your API keeps you safe for legal obligations like accidently calling these number.

With Synergy IT Pro, you will get real-time call analytics to monitor and manage your system in the best way.

Along with 128 bit SSL data encryption, you can make your data secure on the cloud.

Multi-Agent Access
Hosting PBX will allow your experts and executives to access their call logs even when you are not available.

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