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Telephony Services in Melbourne

Business Telephony & Internet

We have a vast experience in managing telephony requirements across multiple industries. We support millions of IP telephony endpoints, along with thousands of unified communications clients.

With cloud technology, HD video, web hosting services and other critical applications prevailing in the industry, the business now demands more and faster network access. It’s not an option, but need to boost overall business performance. At Synergy IT Pro, we deliver consistent, ultra-fast business internet access needed to run the most critical applications.


Why Synergy IT Pro business Telephony services in Melbourne?

We deliver 24×7 service with unprecedented physical coverage that will be valuable to your IT organization. Our business internet and broadband solutions are easy to use, powerful and cost-effective. From simple broadband packages to powerful full-duplex connections, our solutions fit the level of scalability and reliability your business needs. With flexible packages offering internet speeds as high as 10 Gbps, Synergy IT Pro allows you to choose the desired connectivity that suits your business well.


Technical Talent

We provide the best technicians to fix your pc or laptop.


Countrywide Service

Our skilled technology experts are situated in Melbourne and its surrounding areas.


Hardware Installations

We deliver hardware installations in your IT company like cable installation, interface card removal, and much more.

Hosted PBX Solutions Provider in Melbourne

computer repairing services in Melbourne

Synergy IT Pro delivers an blended hosted PBX solution that includes cloud technology, to deliver the finest high definition voice and data services. Advanced calling features all over business locations, collaboration tools, and mobility contact center functions are other incredible features of our services.

Synergy IT Pro offers Hosted PBX Service over Tier 1 XO National Network, to seamlessly transfer your PBX functionality onto a cloud server. We offer live voice quality monitoring services, built-in redundancy, and other benefits of Hosted PBX.

Our Hosted PBX Services will alleviate your operational and capital costs of managing and upgrading expensive systems and software.

Video Conferencing Solutions in Melbourne

Join webinars, connected with clients and employees all over the world, and set your meeting rooms on a global stage with Synergy IT Pro video conferencing services. Full participate in important meetings at your home office, workstation, or even hotel with our high-quality video services.

You can now give your team more space and tools they need to create better and collaborative solutions with our HD video conferencing systems and HD content sharing. We offer seamless security and end-to-end encryption, to ensure that your private meetings are kept private. Quicker and better, our video conferencing solutions will revolutionize your business, worldwide.

With ability to accommodate over 1000 attendees, you can start on-stream meetings by accommodating large online conferences and web meetings. Whether you want to start a planned meeting or an instant one, we are prepared with our video conferencing solutions, to deliver you only the best!

Synergy IT Pro’s skilled technology professionals can provide all resources to bolster the capabilities of your existing provider. We offer prepaid support for all services, regardless of your industry. But the most recommended prepaid IT support services are project services, IT audit and risk assessment, and backup and disaster recovery.


Advanced security management

Our anti-virus and malware protection tools are designed to detect the newest classes of malware designed to attack security controls.


Quick response to threats

Intelligent security tools perform customized research and offer you actionable insight so that you can give a quick response to security threats.


Stay focused on your business

Our managed cyber security solutions come with a perspective that others don’t offer.

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